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Unique Kitchen Storage for Wine Bottles & Bakeware

Our products are primarily manufactured in Taiwan, which is renowned for producing first-rate, long-lasting merchandise.

Based in Southern California, PR Housewares, LLC has provided nationwide customers with decorative wine racks, pot racks and specialty items from Concept Housewares for over 10 years. We expand our unique and extensive offerings with new products three to four times a year, so please check our site regularly for new additions.

We maintain a large inventory at our centrally located warehouse and can typically ship orders in 1 - 2 business days. Please note, we are a wholesale dealer only. If you are interested in buying our products retail, see our list of E-Tailers.


If you have any questions regarding warranties or returns, feel free to contact our company via email.

Wine racks including our popular models WR-40528, WR-40701, WR-40702, WR-44528, WR-49526, and WR-49528 can be seen here.

Pot and utensil racks including our popular models PR-40200, PR-40215, PR-40219, PR-40232, PR-40293, PR-40322, PR-40326, PR-40530, PR-40800, PR-40850, PR-40900, PR-40901, PR-40902, PR-40903, PR-40904, PR-40905, PR-41202, PR-41203, PR-41205, PR-41206, PR-41207, PR-41208, PR-41213, PR-49200, PR-49232, PR-49293, and PR-49332 can be seen here.

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